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Our Services

- Stress management 

- Learn to meet deadlines 

- Speak in public

- Improve self-confidence

- Prepare mentally for a sporting/physical challenge

- Prepare mentally for an exam

- And more

One to One  (Online & In person)

I use my years of experience, combined with an intuitive approach, to guide you through any challenge you may be facing, be it personal or professional.

Team  Building (In Person)

With a focus on mindfulness, teamwork and creativity, I leverage a range of techniques to help teams overcome challenges, build new skills and unlock their full potential.

Personal Training (Online & In person)

I use proven coaching techniques and tools to create a customized plan that works best for you, ensuring you get the best possible results. 

One to Group (In person & online)

I can offer one-to-group mindset coaching sessions are designed to help you unlock your true potential and overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back.

Retreats (In person)

Whether you're a business or a team looking to develop leadership skills, or a group of friends looking to recharge and connect, I am here to help you achieve your goals.


I can offer a free 30 minute consultation to new clients to explore which service suits your individual needs.

What Our Clients Say


Jacqueline Maillard, Isha Eveil beauté

"Dear Andre, it's been exactly 8 months today that Isha project was born in my head. What a long way to open doors yesterday in Lonay! A dream come true, my dream came true. We built this project together from the start. Your coaching sessions took my Isha project from ''mental'' to matter. From idea to project. Boldness to concrete. 
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