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Achieving the Extraordinary - Beating the Ice Bath World Record

Greetings everyone,

First I would like to apologize for how long it has taken to update you on my latest news. The last two weeks have been a real whirlwind, following my successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for full body contact with ice on May 24!

Yes, I am pleased to report that my Ice Bath World Record for Autism project has been a huge success, and I could not have done it without the strong support I have had from my friends, clients, colleagues and sponsors over the last year and a half.

But let me back up and tell you the whole story…

Setting the new world record for a man to be packed in ice cubes is a great achievement, but I will tell you that it was not easy. Before my world record attempt, the longest time I had spent in ice water was 90 minutes, and my longest test run being packed in ice was for two hours, just two weeks before the world record event. Well, it turns out that staying in the box full of ice for more than four hours was a real test of my willpower, endurance and physical conditioning. It was also a challenging environment to undertake this ordeal, as there were hundreds of spectators watching me, and there was even a thunderstorm that passed through during the first hour. Thankfully, it passed quickly and we did not face a serious threat of lightning, but the rest of the afternoon was on-and-off rain showers that kept my team busy covering me from the elements and monitoring my progress.

It was a true test of my mindset, as I found the courage to stay calm, focus on my mission, and summon strength by thinking about my daughter Kira who I dedicated this project to, and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life for us.

I am pleased to say that my vital signs remained strong, and after I decided to stop after beating the previous record of four hours and two minutes by an extra three minutes, I was in good hands of a professional paramedic who oversaw my recovery and re-warming.

I sincerely thank all of the sponsors who made this world record possible – Arctic Glacier Premium Ice, Charlesglen Toyota, Run Calgary, Primextate, Spolumbo’s Deli, Ian Boyd, Pete Estabrooks, and the Semmens family of Calgary. I am also very pleased to say that our efforts have raised more than $1,600 for Autism Canada, to support their work advocating for people on the autism spectrum.

My team is now busy working to submit all the necessary evidence to Guinness World Records to validate my new world record, which will likely take several weeks to complete. In the meantime, I have conducted several media interviews, and I am pursuing exciting new opportunities to share my experience and training as a mindset coach and extreme athlete with others.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in discussing a customized coaching or personal training program. And if you are in Calgary, you can take part in a special motivational workshop and breathwork session that I’m planning to hold on the afternoon of Saturday, June 22. More information and tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite.  

Thanks for reading my newsletter. And always, keep Chasing Your Worthy Cause!

Andre Belibi Eloumou

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